MMY R’ Haber

The concept of spending a year or more studying in Israel after high school has become a crucial part of the educational process for religious Jews from the Diaspora. Over the past few decades, countless thousands of students have spent time in Israeli yeshivot and seminaries, and the experience has positively transformed them, their communities, the State of Israel, and the Jewish People itself. Unfortunately, though, the financial cost of supporting these yeshivot and seminaries has skyrocketed, and this has forced the institutions to raise tuition to levels that many parents struggle to afford.

Every year, we have a greater and greater need for financial aid for our students. We do as much as we can to raise the funds ourselves – giving out tens of thousands of dollars in scholarships – but this is still not sufficient to meet all of the needs. In order to make sure that no student is turned away from our school because of money, we need to partner with other institutions to help find the funding for needy students. Torah LeZion is a wonderful resource that has helped several of our students come to Israel to study. I can personally attest that their assistance was instrumental in enabling several young women to have this wonderful opportunity over the past few years.

I would strongly urge everyone to make Torah LeZion a priority for your Tzedaka donations. Doing so will give the gift of Torah study in Israel to many young men and women, and in doing, so will further strengthen the Jewish people as a whole.

Rabbi Alan Haber