Parshat Bereishit

Dvar Torah on Parshat Bereishit

In פרשת בראשית פרק ג פסוק יד G-d punished the נחש for causing Chava to sin. G-d gave him the following curse; ועפר תאכל כל ימי חייך – “And dust you shall eat all the days of your life”. Since there is dust throughout the whole world G-d is thus cursing the נחש with permanent food. How can always having food be a curse?

The midrash ( Bereishis Rabbah 20:5) asks the same question. How can a limitless amount of food be a curse, it seems like a blessing? When one has what they need they feel content and they don’t feel the need to turn anywhere for help. When G-d cursed the נחש it was as if He was telling him I never want to see you again. No one wants G-d not involved in his life.

We can learn from here the greatness of needing. The reason G-d sometimes makes it hard for us is because he wants us to reach out and pray to him. It’s an act of love and kindness not cruelness.

The next time its gets hard remember that G-d misses you and this is Him calling out to you for you to reach out to him.