Parshat Metzorah

In Parshat Metzorah, the details are given over about what the metzorah does once he has gotten past his tzaraat. And while it is all very interesting, the parshah constantly stresses how every aspect of the tzarat process is over seen and done with the Kohen. The already detailed job of the Kohanim for the Beit Hamikdash regularly, rises with all these extra jobs having to do with the Metzorah. The Kohen diagnoses the metzorah, he is his “nurse”, and he aids in the purification process. He is a participant in basically every part. This is all very nice however why is it the Koehn who must be involved with this process? Why can’t someone else take care of the metzorah?

In Yechezkel 44:23 we are told what exactly the Kohen’s real job is; he is part of the Sanhedrin, he establishes the months in order to tell over when holidays are, he teaches the people, and works in the Beit Hamikdash. Yet the Kohen must have one specific quality to do all of these jobs the way Hashem wants him to; he has to have a love for each person in Klal Yisroel. We know this from Bircat Hakohanim where the Kohen has to feel love while giving over this bracha to the community, and if he does not, he cannot participate in the bracha. (Mishnah Brurah 128:37).

The Kohen is an important authoritative figure to the community as well as the individual. There for to be loving and to act as a teacher towards the people, he must take partr in every aspect of the Tzarat process. Because the isolated Metzorah needs someone to help him, the best most affected figure would be the Kohen. This way, the Kohen will express his unconditional love towards every person, no matter how low or high in status he is.

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