Parshat Nitzavim

Dvar Torah on Nitzavim

“One is just one, but together we are number one” a lyric from the hit song Cheery Bim by 8th Day. What does it mean? That alone we are truly alone, no voice, but together we are one entity, with a strong powerful voice. In Parshat Nitzavim that is the message. The Parsha begins with pointing out that Bnei Israel, the Jewish nation is made up of all types of people, scholars and leaders, men, woman, and children. Apart they are just people, but together they reassure to all that they are to reaffirm their commitment to God. Later in the Parsha we find that it tells us that if, really, when we break the agreement that not all hope is lost. That there will always be an opportunity to come back from whence we came (30:1-6). In the fifth Aliyah, it talks about how when we do come back, our enemies will be cursed. All we will have to do is keep the mitzvot of Hashem and we will blessed. This can be seen as a pitch or reward for doing what we are suppose to do. In the end, the Parsha mixes a few crucial points together. Together as a nation we are stronger. We can become this by putting down our titles and what sets us apart. Also, it tells us the terms of our agreement with Hashem. Once we become a nation and do mitzvot we will see rewards. Let us heed the warnings of Nitzavim, let us be inspired by the beautiful challenges of Nitzavim, let us be uplifted by the important messages of Nitzavim, and let us have a “successful” Rosh HaShana and Yom Kippur, and a happy & healthy year of peace & prosperity.

Student Studying in Lev HaTorah