Parshat Noach

DVAR TORAH on Parasha Noach

When one is sick with a cold or has a headache one really feels uncomfortable with either their runny nose or the pain in their head. These minor pains can influence their day: instead of putting their pain to the side it can actually ruin their day. However, during one of these days when one feels uncomfortable, if they get a call with great news that they are getting a promotion or even better, that they won the lottery and now they are set financially for life, they would probably have a change in their mood and, instead of being down because they aren’t feeling well, now they would be ecstatic because of the great news they just received. If one really thinks about it, why aren’t we ecstatic all the time? Most people are blessed with things that money can’t even buy: for example, most people are healthy, we wake up every day, able to move, able to see, able to hear and of course much more. Those are some things one should celebrate everyday. This comes from being self-centered, that we all grow up with our parents giving to us so we are used to just taking from people, and this can lead to your heart moving toward the yetzer ha-ra, to evil thoughts and even deeds. So if we never want to grow up we stay as takers, we could be tempted to never become givers.

This was the problem in the time of Noach. Rashi says the sin during the time of Noach was robbery. That everyone in the world were takers and this was definitely not the reason why Hashem created the world. Hashem told Noach to build the teivah and Noach’s family had to feed all the animals and take care of them. Here we learn that they were putting animals before themselves so they were turning into givers and weren’t being takers and this was important for the survival of people to give and not just to take.

Student Studying in Tiferet