Parshat Pekudei

Parshat Vayakhail-Pekudai

In parshat Vayakhail the pasuk says “”ויבאו כל איש אשר נשאו לבו which means that whoever had a motivated heart came. The Ramban states that they needed motivation because there was nobody who has any previous skills necessary to build the mishkan. There were no teachers available to train the people, but yet people had the courage to come anyway. The Torah notes that people who were successful in the work of building the mishkan were successful because of their inner courage to come forth and volunteer what was needed. This can teach us the lesson that if you increase your initiative, you will accomplish greatly. Remember the times in your life that inspired you and let those memories motivate you in the future to accomplish even more. I think this is very applicable to my life right now because in seminary, I am getting so much inspiration. I am constantly being motivated to try my hardest and be the best person that I can be. I learned from this pasuk that when I leave MMY and go out into the secular world of college next year, I need to remember the inspiration from this year and use it to motivate me as much as possible.

I also think that another concept is very relatable to me right now, which is the idea of focusing completely on the will of Hashem. In parshat Pikudai the Torah tells us “ויעש משה ככל אשר צוה השם אתו כן עשה” “And Moshe did all that Hashem commanded him, that is what he did.” Everything that Moshe did for the work of the mishkan was for the sake of Hashem. Even though he would personally gain from this, because this is the place where Hashem would communicate with him, he was not motivated by the thoughts of his own glory. Moshe focused solely on doing what Hashem wanted. This is a very difficult thing to do, to do something in which you will have great benefit from, but still have pure motivations. Despite how hard this task is, it is very important. Many times people focus on how things will be good for themselves. We are living in a time period where everything is about me. But it is important to always remember that we are here on this world for Hashem.

Student Studying in MMY