Parshat Teruma

Parshat Terumah

It is interesting to note that Parshat Terumah often comes out around Adar / Purim time. As usual we can ask is there any thematic connection between the two? Of course there does not have to be because the order of the reading of the Torah did not always follow the same pattern as we have today, and one may think that the Mishkan doesn’t have much to do with Purim, but nonetheless there is some connection that we can learn from.
As many know, when Adar comes in we are Marbeh Besimcha- we have an increase in our simcha. Why? The easiest answer is that we were saved through miraculous means at this point and time, and because we are so happy, we are commemorating this event. In addition, we can say that this time period has been intended as a time that the Jews throughout the ages feel an increased Hashgacha, intervention, from Hashem. But I heard another reason for the increase in Simcha. Purim is a time of giving – we give to our friends through Mishloach Manot and to others through Matanot Leevyonim. In fact, the Halacha states that on Purim itself we give without questioning – kol haposhet yad – anyone who extends his or her hand – we give to – even a non Jew.

The Rambam writes that one should spend more on Matanot LeEvyonim than any other mitzvah – because when one helps the poor, he is domeh leshechinah – he is compared to the Shechinah. He explains that there is no Simcha comparable to that of helping someone else!
This is the true Simcha of Adar – not the “pranks” or the drinking or the costumes, but the helping of others, the caring for others. The focus is outside of ourselves and the concern is for other human beings – this is genuine inner happiness. If this is all true, then there is no better parsha to come out at this time than Terumah – the parsha of giving – where the people gave off their own free will and gave so much that Moshe even had to say – enough! We do not need anymore.
May we all be zocheh to true Simcha – by thinking outside of ourselves and helping those around us. Shabbat Shalom and Chodesh Adar Sameach!

Student Studying in Midreshet Moriah