Parshat VaYikra

In the word vayikra, the letter Alef is written smaller than the rest of the letters. Why is this? The Baal Haturim says that this is because Moshe wanted to write the word vayikar. The word vayikar comes from the word mikrah which means incident, happening, or coincidence. Moshe never thought himself to be better than the rest of Bnei Israel. Even though he is one of the most righteous if not the most righteous leaders in our history, he never paraded as so. He is never arrogant and always acts to the Jewish nation as an equal. Through this we see to what extent. Moshe wanted to write the word vayikar to say that HaShem spoke to him by coincidence, by happenstance. He was being humble as if to say that HaShem didn’t choose him because he was more special but purely by luck. So when HaShem ordered him to write the word vayikra, he made the Alef smaller to demonstrate this point.

Another lesson that we can draw from this is to know the real meaning behind coincidence. The word bemikrah, coincidence, is spelled bet, mem, koof, resh, heh. If you scramble around the letters you see it spells rak me HaShem which means only from HaShem. We may think things happen coincidentally, bemikrah, but we have to remember that little Alef that represents elokim, HaShem, who is present in everything and everywhere.

Student studying in Tiferet