Pesach Dvar Torah

We know on Pesach there is a special mitzvah of chinuch, the mitzvah of והגדת לבנך, the mitzvah of telling over the story to your children wanting them to ask questions. The question is why specifically your children? Why not my neighbor? Maybe I can tell my friends? What is the significance of telling the Pesach story to your children?

The answer is in slavery there is no such thing as family. They are completely owned by their master. We know that if the slave has a son he becomes property of the owner. So because we were slaves in Mitzraim the best way to tell the story is by demonstrating it saying “I am not a Slave! This is my son!” and that is why there is a special mitzvah to tell the story over to your children to really represent the family that we didn’t have in Mitzraim. That is also why we want to ask a lot of questions because slaves were not able to ask questions. If they were told to do something they did it no questions asked. So this is why we see the importance of telling the stories and asking questions to show that we are truly free men.

Student Studying in Yeshivat Lev HaTOrah