Scholarship Recipients Reflections on the Upcoming Year

A year in Israel-An Opportunity For Growth and Development

Being given the privilege to study at Yeshivat Kerem B’Yavneh is an opportunity that I am greatly thankful for. In order to maximize my time here, I have set various goals that I will hopefully achieve over the coming year such as improving my character traits and becoming more adept at reading gemora independently. I have begun a process of self discovery that is quite rewarding and will hopefully be the impetus for further growth for many years to come. During my time here, I have learned- and hope to learn more about-the importance of dedication and persistence in spiritual pursuits and personal development; for example, this past week my shiur was working on reading and understanding a cryptic Tosfos. I toiled over the text, spending countless hours attempting to understand various proofs and rejections that Tosfos suggested. Thankfully, with G-d’s help, and assiduous study, I was able to understand the profound text of Tosfos on a deep level, while memorizing it by rote as well. When I did not understand an initial answer Tosfos suggested, my Rebbe explained it to me until I was able to explain and understand it; it was an experience that has inspired me and has served as the impetus for me to continue working on my gemora skills. I now firmly believe that the faculty of KBY genuinely cares about the growth and well being of each student; they will go to great lengths to ensure that each boy in the yeshiva achieves his potential. Moving forward, I hope to bolster my relationships with my rabbeim and mentors, as they can greatly help me become proficient in reading and analyzing Jewish texts, and can serve as phenomenal role models for me as well.

Furthermore, my Rabbeim have not only given-and will continue to give- me the opportunity to develop my reading comprehension, but give clinics and meet with students about enhancing one’s middos as well. During the clinics, the staff selects pertinent character traits, such as honor, in the context of honoring one’s parents, empathy, judging favorably, forgiveness, and discuss the impact on the individual and on the world around him. Most importantly, methods are given to improve each trait are given. I hope I can utilize the skills given to me in order to perfect my middos, strengthening my relationship with my peers, parents, and the Omnipresent.

I am forever grateful to the Torah Letzion foundation for affording me the opportunity to study abroad in yeshiva for the year, as it has has strengthened my connection with my family, friends, G-d, and will help make me a more open minded, well rounded young man and Ben Torah.

Student Studying at KBY