Testimonial From Michlala

Dear Torah Letzion,

Since Aliza’s arrival in Michlalah it has been obvious that she is earnest about making the most of her classes and the whole Israel experience. Aliza came to Michlalah with strong foundations in her limudei kodesh, but she still looks forward to achieving more. She is especially enthusiastic to  cover more ground in day to day halacha, attending many halacha classes and arranging extracurricular chavrutot.

But Aliza is not satisfied to just sit in the classrooms:”ולא המדרש העקר אלא ההמעש.” She knows that the learning she does is not an ends in itself, but rather a means to improving herself and her middos. She is always looking for opportunities to help others, whether it be chesed organizations, friends, or family (even when they are across the ocean).

Aliza’s year in seminary is her first year in Eretz Yisrael and she is taking full advantage of being in the land. She goes on tiyulim with school and on her own, visiting all the sites that she can see. She has family spread out over Eretz Yisrael and is making her way to all them, getting to know all the different stripes of Jews to be found in the land.

We at Michlalah anticipate seeing more great things from Aliza, during her year at seminary and in the years to come. Thank you for giving her this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Tehilla Greenblatt

Rakezt Machal

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