Testimonial from Tomer Devorah Student

(*Chani is not her real name.)

“Chani” is a student in Tomer Devorah Seminary. Anyone who meets Chani can immediately tell that she is a special person. Chani comes from a difficult background and home situation. Despite this, she is upbeat and cheerful and has a simchas hachayim which spills over to anyone she interacts with. Chani has been able to rise above her challenges, and take with her lessons from her life which have shaped her into a deep, thinking, eved Hashem.

Chani is clearly a star student in seminary. In the academic realm, she is a model student. She is inquisitive and enthusiastic in the classroom, contributing in both intellectual and social arenas. She works extremely hard, and takes her classes and work very seriously. All of the teachers know that they can rely on her to hand in quality work, reflecting deep thought and conscientious research into Torah sources. In her search for growth, Chani has sought out a kesher with one of her school menahalim and is part of a small group of
students who come in early to learn in-depth from a sophisticated sefer on machshava.

Additionally, Chani is very involved in school extracurricular activities, and gravitates towards leadership roles. She is one of the school Chessed Committee heads, and contributes ideas for chessed initiatives, as well as spearheads chessed projects. For example, she put together a group of students who went to Kever Rochel and celebrated with a bat mitzvah girl who came from America and had been only marginally exposed to
Judaism. She can always be relied on to help the school madrichot organize and run in-school Shabbatonim. Chani is also part of the school choir, and participates in all types of presentations during school shabbatons.

Chani is a role model in our school, and we are very proud of her growth, development, and contribution to our seminary. Chani would not have been able to be part of the pivotal seminary experience without the financial help of Torah Letzion. This wonderful organization assisted Chani significantly in being able to pay tuition for seminary. The contribution from Torah Letzion gave this incredible girl an opportunity to develop
her yiddishkeit and personal growth in a tremendously significant way. Chani takes advantage of every minute, and is surely bringing nachas to all of Klal Yisrael. Please help Torah Letzion, as they strive to give as many precious Jewish young people the opportunity to learn in Eretz Yisrael. Looking at the accomplished, healthy person Chani is, one can surely see that it is well worth it.

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